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Etienne Fourie


Etienne completed his B.A.(Hons.) in Motion Picture Medium (Screenwriting & Directing) in 2011 at ADFA film school in Cape Town.

Etienne’s screenwriting credits include Klein Karoo (2013) for director Regardt van den Bergh, Strikdas (2015), Die Bakker (2017) and Barnard (2017). Etienne also serves as script-doctor on many other projects including Verskeitende Ster (2016) for director Darrell Roodt.

In 2013 Etienne made his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed feature film Die Windpomp which he also wrote the screenplay for. Die Windpomp premiered at the Australian Gold Coast Film Festival and was nominated for 9 KykNET Silwerskermfees-awards, of which the film won 5, including Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Director in 2014. In 2015 Etienne directed Dis Koue Kos, Skat for executive producer Deon Meyer based on the novel by Marita van der Vyver and also co-wrote the screenplay together with the author.

Stefan Enslin


STEFAN ENSLIN graduated from the University of the North West (South Africa). He completed his studies in 2002 and spends the next eight years in England practicing as a Town & Regional Planner. In 2010 he decided to follow his heart and return to South Africa in order to pursue a career within the film industry. He qualified as scriptwriter by passing his course with merit. In 2012 he founded his own production company, Faith in Motion Productions.

His first novel, Verskietende Ster (Shooting Star), was released in 2013 and became a bestseller. In 2015 the film version won the Audience Choice Award at the annual KykNET Silwerskermfees-awards held in Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

He was also a writer, under acclaimed writer Deon Opperman, for Getroud Met Rugby – die sepie (Married to Rugby – the soap).



‘Jean – Marie ’Nonnie’’ Blignout

Played by Mila Guy

Nonnie (20) is an intelligent, beautiful, dark-haired girl who finds herself living a bit of a double life – on the one side, Nonnie dresses up in shiny, fake pageant dresses and parades around on stage for prize money. The real Nonnie, however, is a socially awkward, often sarcastic teenager who is not afraid to get her hands dirty – especially when it comes to saving her family.

Nonnie has aspirations to escape the small, boring little Karoo town where she was born, to live a dream – any dream – somewhere entirely else. Nothing is more important to Nonnie than her younger brother’s happiness and she often puts his in front of her own.

She is a caring, responsible person with the sense of someone who grew up very quickly – she never really had much choice in the matter after her mother jumped ship. In the absence of strong parental figures, Nonnie takes it upon herself to save whatever is left of their dysfunctional little family.

‘’Herman Blignout’’

Played by morné Visser

Herman is middle-aged – and very much in a crisis. Herman is a quiet, slightly pathetic man who has been living his life by the book, only to discover that he didn’t care much for the twist ending.
Finding himself in a position where he is a single parent after his wife left him for another man, Herman struggles juggling his own sorrow and parenthood. He has the overwhelming sense of someone who has let themselves go.

However, once Herman assumes his “new” identity – Father Christmas – he becomes a jolly, energetic, positive, cookie-eating version of the bland Herman he was before. He becomes the ultimate father… despite this title being followed by the inconvenient addition of “Christmas”.


Played by Dean Smith

Wouter (early 20’s) is a handsome guy (yet not in the Colgate-jock kind of a way) on the cusp of manhood. He is slightly on the scruffy, darker side of teenager and his taste in music dictates much of his appearance. He is a caring, intelligent and kind soul and he is – of course – entirely in love with his best friend, Nonnie.

Wouter’s parents are conservative and strict, but infuriatingly nice – Wouter would have loved to have an excuse to be a rebel. He is Nonnie’s partner in crime and has been a part of the Blignout family for years.

He often takes the responsibility of being a moral compass for Nonnie on himself.

‘’Hugo Blignout’’

Played by eloff snyman

Hugo, ten years old, is a highly intellectual, thoughtful and perceptive little boy. Unlike other children his age, Hugo despises playing sport or watching movies, but rather indulges in the comfort of the pages of a good book.

Hugo often knows more than he lets on (no need to make the adults more nervous than they already are) and he supports both his sister and his father – choosing not to choose a side in their battles.
Hugo is generally docile, but the Blignout blood runs deep in his veins and, when the occasion arises, Hugo would fight tooth and nail for his family.

Nonnie is his favourite person in the world (because Jane Austen is long dead).


Played by Milan Murray

Marta Blignout, AKA “Ma” (mid-40’s), is a selfish, slightly unhinged failed actress with a flare for the dramatic. When things get too quiet, too “normal”, Ma would usually find a way to stir things up.
After dealing with her husband’s monotony for nearly twenty years,

Ma finally decides to jump the Blignout ship and she moves in with another man. She loves her kids, but she never said she’d be a good mother – society merely assumed she would be.

Her main ambition is to reclaim the youth she believes she squandered raising an ambitionless man’s children.


Played by Terrence Bridgette

Moses (40’s) is an ex-police officer who recently came into some money after an accidental investment paid off big.

He has since reinvented himself with the aid of self-tan, a gym membership, a hair stylist who once lent Nianell a comb at a spa, and a small, blue convertible as the cherry on top. He fancies himself a bit of a gentleman, although he still never tips in excess of 1%. He steals Ma’s heart – or rather, his money does.

Ma has things to do, places to see and rooms to redecorate, and Moses has the means.

‘’Dr. Dons’

Played by June van merch

Dr. Dons (mid-50’s), although a capable doctor, is endlessly bored with her life. She has reached the age where she doesn’t particularly feel the urge to care about other people’s opinions anymore.
She is a playful, sarcastic (Nonnie loves this) and loyal woman. He sees Nonnie’s need for support and, in her own way, gives it willingly.

She is lovable and intelligent, yet not nearly as stealthy as she would like to believe – the entire town has known for years that she secretly smokes in her office. No one cares.


Played by Melt Sieberhagen

Blikkies is the one and only traffic officer in Suikerbos. He takes his job very seriously, despite the fact that he wouldn’t easily resist a bribe of biltong, sherry or even a bottle of fresh milk. When blikkies isn’t busy patrolling the two streets of Suikerbos, he enjoys spending time with his cats. He lives with his mother (who may or may not be attempting to poison him). Blikkies is a friend to the Blignouts and an asset to the town.